Dominator Versus Clone - Gamma Match






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Click here to view a short video of the Clones gamma match failing under the stress voltages created at the 1 KW power level. The bottom of the tube has been cut away to show the inside insulator failure.

The white Teflon we use can withstand over 1,000 degree temperatures while the black plastic will melt at a few hundred degrees. RF heating of this dielectric material will cause it to melt and short out the gamma match.

The Clone uses a low quality SO-239 connector on the right. Notice the extremely tight clearances between the center pins hex nut and outer ground jacket. This causes a prime spot for RF to arc and an impedance shift. The Dominators standard N connector is made of silver, gold, and Teflon. N connectors are waterproof due to internal rubber gaskets on the male connector.

The Nylon spreader brackets are shown in this photo. The Dominators bracket is formed completely around the four loop support elements. The Clone bracket on the is just wedged in place.

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